Series Sneak Preview

My primary project currently under development is a documentary series about Child Development, centered around the loss of innocence and rediscovering ones true self.

The Toltecs describe that when a child is not allowed to be authentic and their environment is governed with more fear than love, the mind becomes stressed and begins protecting itself through the creation of false "images and agreements." This causes the separation of mind and spirit. As false "images and agreements" are created out of necessity in order to survive, the ego is spawned and begins to govern life causing emotional blindness, lack of altruism and empathy, greed and jealousy, along with other painful companions stemming from fear and the inability to manage knowledge in a way that does not create fanaticism and blind obedience to an idea.

In this documentary series, we will examine the behavioral and environmental paths that can lead to many of the worlds problems including poverty, war, racial and gender discrimination, class warfare, hyper consumerism, economic disparities, along with many others. Studies in social conditioning, Neuroendocrinology, proximal abandonment, Epigenetics, educations systems and various spiritual teachings from around the world will also be explored.

The concepts of blame, denial and other inhibitors will be discussed, along with importance of authentic expression through art and communication. By the end, our hope is that important questions will be raised, as well as answered by you, leading to beliefs challenged and lives altered. 

We are not sure where this journey will lead, but we can promise you one thing: there will be at least one kitten rescued before it is over.