The Battling Kitten is active on projects of various sizes and purposes, all around the world. These projects are a unique reflection of those who engage in them, giving a wide spectrum of opportunity to those looking for a project to start or join that is in sync with their purpose.  

While our culture and society tends to recognize and celebrate larger collective group projects seen and publicized globally, we like to focus more on the day to day acts of kindness that connect us on a local level, and can be tailored to our personalities and personal goals. The connection and intimacy found through daily acts of kindness keep us connected to each other and the world we share together, and provide us with a great chance to learn something new about ourselves.  

Here you will find some of the projects currently under way, along with other ideas from some of our brothers and sisters around the world.



Film making is the a corner stone method of story telling here at Battling Kitten Foundation. The subject of each film is chosen by chance encounters and inspiration; meaning, instead of seeking stories, we simply live our everyday lives until a story finds us. 


  • Include people that have never made a film or have very little experience.

  • Collaborate with local artists from the area we're filming. 

  • Utilize  2nd hand props when possible, minimize the consumption of new products 

  • No stock footage has been used to date, we would like to maintain that status with only original footage if possible. 

  • Never rush a project, no deadlines, only work when inspired. It's is never about quantity, enjoy the process. 

  • If you are not in love with a scene, don't use it. 

  • No ego, embrace new ideas, use what fits the story and celebrate originality.  

We welcome new collaborators as cloud technology allows us to work with people from around the world.
If your film is already completed and would like to submit it for consideration please email us with your film and the story behind the making.




One day as I leaving for my morning walk in Guadalajara Mexico two buildings down from my new apartment was a small house converted to a charming café. It was newly opened and inviting.  Feeling that morning coffee is one of life’s great gifts I walked through the door in pursuit of clarity to be greeted by a warm “buenos dias”. That was the beginning of my friendship with Giselle and her husband Jason. After months of visiting the café on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day it was Giselle’s birthday. Being inspired by her story and that of the café I thought it would be great to make a film about her café as a gift for her birthday.  The film you see her is her birthday present. Giselle is a true gift to this world.


Filmed in Guadalajara, Mexico on December 7th 2016. Thank you Ole A' Compas Dance school for letting me film scenes for my documentary. I was so inspired by the teachers and students I took some of the scenes and made this short film for them discussing the experience and my admiration for the teachers and students. This was fun because it was never meant to be a film, the surprises found in inspiration and improvisation are lovely :) Thank you Jorge Ibarra for editing and Liz Olimon for translation!



Filmed in Turlock California via 4k: I made this film as a tribute and congratulations to my friend Sho Yamamoto and his courage for following his passions. Zero is a Artisan clothing maker in Japan who has inspired me to make this film and show that the art you create continues on a journey that can often surpass our own imagination. My congratulations to Sho and his collaborators. Help support this amazing independent artist on the web-store and social media: Website:



Seeing the beautiful work of Flor De Luna flower shop in Guadalajara Mexico we could not resist making this short film. This custom flower wall measures 3 meters long and 1.5 meters tall. Decorated with local flowers, each one dried and hand placed to create this amazing balance of color and texture. 
This boutique shop is located near the popular Americana area in Guadalajara next to artisanal restaurant Caligari. We highly recommend a visit to this charming flower shop. 


(Subtitles in Spanish) I made this short Holiday film about My moms house. Filmed in about 40 minutes, wrote and edited in about 3 hours. The time is not important, I only mention it to encourage others to seize inspiration when it comes to you. Not every art piece has to be premeditated. I was out filming the final scenes for children's story I'm making and these funny little randomly ideas came to mind so I stopped the other filming and ran with this. What you see in this video is about 5 hours later after the first shot. Film equipment doesn't matter either, cell phones these days are more than capable. I recorded the voice for this film on my cell phone and simple editing app. Take the limitations as an opportunity to look with a different perspective. Now for those of you have been to my moms house you know what the deal is. Enjoy!


Film Series Teaser

My mission to create a series of short films has began. Read more about it below!




My primary project currently under development is a documentary series about Child Development, centered around the loss of innocence and rediscovering ones true self.



The Toltecs describe that when a child is not allowed to be authentic and their environment is governed with more fear than love, the mind becomes stressed and begins protecting itself through the creation of false "images and agreements." This causes the separation of mind and spirit. As false "images and agreements" are created out of necessity in order to survive, the ego is spawned and begins to govern life causing emotional blindness, lack of altruism and empathy, greed and jealousy, along with other painful companions stemming from fear and the inability to manage knowledge in a way that does not create fanaticism and blind obedience to an idea.

In this documentary series, we will examine the behavioral and environmental paths that can lead to many of the worlds problems including poverty, war, racial and gender discrimination, class warfare, hyper consumerism, economic disparities, along with many others. Studies in social conditioning, Neuroendocrinology, proximal abandonment, Epigenetics, educations systems and various spiritual teachings from around the world will also be explored.

The concepts of blame, denial and other inhibitors will be discussed, along with importance of authentic expression through art and communication. By the end, our hope is that important questions will be raised, as well as answered by you, leading to beliefs challenged and lives altered. 

We are not sure where this journey will lead, but we can promise you one thing: there will be at least one kitten rescued before it is over.



Currently, random acts of kindness are happening with the homeless and the disenfranchised in Modesto, California, an area plagued with unemployment, high crime rates and drug dependency.

Our creative brothers and sisters are reaching out to share art and tell stories, while walking the streets having genuine exchanging of ideas and feelings. They are providing work outreach programs for those who are able, or simply listening to the troubles of a complete stranger without judgement, and often without advice. They are also providing food donation by way of personal distribution and picnics. 

The idea is simply to take walks around the city, get some food and have a conversation with a stranger who may need a meal. Often times we all know the answer to our problems, we just need to let it out and be heard by a person that makes us feel safe and inspires honest expression. It is these personal connections that lift spirits on a day to day basis.  

Short stories about the troubling cases and the experience of spreading a little kindness can been seen on our blog, along with ways you can help. 


"When the blood in your veins returns to the sea,
and the earth in your bones returns to the ground,
perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you,
it is you who belongs to this land". 

- Indian Proverb