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My story

My name is Ezequiel Covarrubias, I started this initiative 3 years ago with the goal to cultivate a more direct connection between people through random acts of kindness; to help connect people that want to support others with the people that need the love, and document the process via film and other art forms to share experiences and information that may help people in their lives.  



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It would be pleasant or easy to say there was always a desire to do a project like this and help others but that would not be true. Like many of you I grew up chasing the dream of success in the business world, maybe starting a family and having some stability or security in my life. These pursuits monopolized my life and there was no time for anything else. Later in my life, I finally became aware of my battle with depression and anxiety. As with many people I had normalized these feelings in my mind and considered them as a normal part of being in todays world and not something that was crippling me.

About 4 year ago all of my efforts throughout the years with these pursuits and the lack of emotional awareness had finally forced me to hit the bottom; it was clear I could not go on living this way. The process of healing is a much longer story that I can share here, in the future through films, writing and other art forms; I will share my experiences and the stories of others in hopes that the information and practices that in which helped me, may benefit others also. Throughout the process of healing and building my life, the idea for this website and initiative of direct connection between people grew. During that healing process there were several subjects that helped me immensely and are now a focus of this website and most of my work. Below you can read the summary of each subject and from there begin to explore the website as each subject has its own designated page. 



The main focus of this initiative is random acts of kindness and making direct connections between people. Connecting those who want to support with those who need support for a more experiential experience. 



The subject of Structuralism is a powerful and large subject that most of my films and projects try to incorporate. First lets define structuralism, the basic idea is that individual and collective behaviors are influenced by the systems around us meaning, Market economies, governments, laws, etc. in other words, the processes we use to organize ourselves to facilitate survival, prosperity, sustainability, and a peaceful coexistence. This is an interdisciplinary study that hopefully helps shows how the world around us functions from a larger perspective so we can use that information to improve our lives. We will discuss this more from a technical organization standpoint than a moral one; although the moral discussion will have its place.



Creating stories is a great way to understand our own experiences and the world around us and express our own personal story. For some of us it’s therapy and expression wrapped in one. We will document experiences, people, and projects, in an effort to encourage others to share their art with the world as well.



These are large and complex subjects, this website and most of the information shared is directed at people beginning to learn these subjects.

For that reason I will try my best to avoid unnecessary complexities and tedious clarifications; however there are many ideas and methods I have researched extensively and through this research realized too much generalization and simple punch-lines does not lead to usable knowledge and practical solutions needed to live a healthy life and affect positive change in the world. My hope is to reach a balance of truthful and usable information that provides lasting resonance for you so you can build and expand on; in-turn maybe you can begin to formulate a truthful narrative and share information from your unique perspective to grow a more informed society.

The reality is, the way I present information and share stories will only connect with certain people, if you expand on this perhaps you will find that the sharing of knowledge will grow in a unique way and we all evolve in a positive way because of it. For those who want to dive more deeply into these subjects, I will provide the source material where applicable so you have a general direction to explore and expand your awareness.  

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA



I’ve taken a great amount of time and care into considering my approach to these subjects, in hopes of bringing a fresh perspective and encourage others to think independently. My goal is always to share, collaborate, discuss and grow, not to dictate or provide what I think is the perfect solution for a problem or way of living.
I truly believe people don’t need to be told what to do or be dictated to. We need truthful information, along with the mental tools to process situations, in order to think critically and make informed decisions; that must be combined with mobility within a given social system. Social system being defined as the way a society organizes itself to facilitate survival, prosperity, sustainability, evolution and hopefully, a peaceful coexistence. 

A healthy person with a balanced connection between the mind, body and spirit will have no desire to harm others or have self-destructive tendencies; this requires a social environment with certain properties and influences that encourage this; nobody is an island.

Hopefully this initiative and way supporting each other directly grows organically by sharing it with friends and family.


It’s not about quantity, high activity or maximum outreach; it’s about doing something more personal and offering support to those who come into our lives. 

Do what you can when you can.



We sincerely want to thank you for stopping by our humble initiative. We understand that with today's busy society full of obligations and responsibility just to survive, leaves little time for exploring new ideas and engaging new actions even when we crave it. Please know that if all you do today is read a little from this website and develop some new ideas or dreams, you should be proud of that step because you are opening yourself up to new feelings and ideas that may lead to a new journey, where the positive impact you desire to make is waiting. Even if you are not able to achieve the charitable or supportive actions you desire today, tomorrow or even a year from now, the act of intent is planting the seeds to be cultivated when you are ready. 

The Battling Kitten, along with all the loving people of the world, will be here when you are ready to take the actions most important to you. Until then, be kind to yourself and give yourself grace as you dance through this gift of life.


Do what you can when you can.